Patient Services

Offload all your medical logistics to us and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Medical Tourism

  1. Patient in a passenger flight

    Permissions handled by Healync:

    • Medical Amenities Approval
    • Manlift & Patient Handling
    • Medical Equipment
    • Paramedic Support

    Requirements from the patient:

    • Airline MEDI Forms
    • Fit to Fly Certificate
    • Medical Summary
    • Airline Tickets
  2. Interpreter Services
    • Assign an interpreter from the hospital
    • Personal attendant who can travel

  1. Medical Visa (7 days expected)

    Requirements from the patient:

    • Appointment Confirmation Letter
    • Treatment Prescription
    • Treatment Financial Estimates
    • Security Deposits
    • Patient Financial Statements
    • Patient ITR returns
    • Patient Bank Statements
    • Purpose Letters
    • VISA Forms to be filled out
  2. Accommodation


    • Organizing Lodging Boarding

Emergency Services

Ground Ambulance
Air Ambulance
Paramedic Support


Arrange for inaccessible medicines
Import medicines from overseas

Home Care (1 -2 Days)

Portable Diagnostics
Hospice / ICU care at home
Hospital Equipment Setup
Medical Personnel Setup

Sync: Patient Data Management - A Visual Of Your Health

  1. Sign up for our diagnostic sync services:
    • Portal: Patients will own an account which will speak to hospitals, diagnostic centers, doctor clinics, pharmacies, and their own health gadgets to get all their health data onto one platform

TRANSCRIPTION: Patient owned data is made available in digital and analysable formats for the system to generate trends and patterns of their health along with their medical images

Medical Concierge

**Excludes medical tourism

Expedited Physical Appointments
Domestic & International Telemedicine/Appointments
Data Management
Emergency Services
Home Care

Cost Of Services:

# Service Cost (₹) Validity
1 Medical Tourism 15,000 Per case
2 Emergency 10,000 Annual
3 Pharmacy 5,000 Per prescription
4 Home care 10,000 Per case
5 Medical Concierge 15,000 Per case or per month
6 Medical Concierge package for a single person 45,000 Annual
7 Medical Concierge package for a family of 4 3,00,000 3 years
8 Custom package(cost depends on services chosen

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