Health IT Solutions

Healync Solution Private Limited (HSPL) is an uniquely conceptualized technology company from India focusing in the healthcare industry by providing solutions to make systems and communication between healthcare providers and consumers efficient and accessible.

Data Management & Visualisation

    We provide an institution agnostic solution to our customers (patients and doctors) to bring their data from anywhere into one portal that can plug into existing datasets, EMR, HIMS bringing intelligent insights to large datasets that institutions have built over time.
    Data can be analyzed, visualized and shared without any effort from the customers. The solution is powered by a powerful analytics pipeline from Microsoft and a trained team of medical data transcribers
    Both old and new data, stored in physical files, online pdfs/images, and more can be fed through the pipeline building a comprehensive profile for the customers including - medical history, lifestyle, family history of genetic diseases, diagnostic reports & treatments.
    We use the medical libraries of Snomed to keep data entry standardized and easily communicable between systems.
    Interactive Visual Dashboards for patients and doctors can bring insights to doctors who want to publish clinical research reports and study their patient population to understand their practice better.
    Transcription & Integration: In order to build these powerful dashboards, the key step is data importing or transcription. We have two processes to get data transcribed:

Manual Data Entry of old records

Ecosystem Integrations with healthcare providers for new medical records:

Problem We Solve:

  • Old medical data is digitised and then transcribed such that they can be analysed and not just stored in PDF, photo copies on the cloud.
  • New data can be uploaded directly into the system as we integrate with most diagnostics and clinics such that data is never lost and is easily accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Data can be shared with any provider by a link across the world.
  • Patients do not have to login to different institutions to get their records, this is their one point access to data from any healthcare provider.
  • This dashboard can be plugged into any EMR system to allow hospitals to view patient’s OPD data.

Virtual Assistance - WhatsApp Business API & Bot

    Document Sharing: Prescriptions, payment receipts, videos, education materials.
    Workflows: Appointment booking, FAQs, payment gateways can be accessed by the WhatsApp ecosystem that gets linked to the existing EMR/HIMS/CRMs.
    Notifications: IPD and OPD patient confirmations, payment and status updates.

Problem We Solve:

  • Abuse of personal numbers of healthcare providers
  • No logins required to EMR systems.
  • Tracking of patient notifications and easy retractability of patient communication history.
  • Integrates with existing EMR
  • Aid the efficiency of human resources by automating bookings and payment processes.
  • Capture inquiry leads that usually go missed if only manned by call centers 24x7 accessibility to system
  • No app downloads - India is the largest user base of WhatsApp thus the onboarding, learning time of users to adapt to the system is minutes rather than going through the whole process of learning how to download and familiarizing oneself with a new ecosystem of an app.

Practise Management & E-Scripts:

    WhatsApp API enabled: Healync practice management can be accessed via WhatsApp Business API which can be custom for each customer. It saves login hassles and all the other advantages that we discussed above.
    PowerBI Visual Dashboards: Doctors and patients get individual dashboards that track their data according to their requirements with custom filters and forms.


    • Zoho books enables a strong accounting & inventory management systems with a POS system


    • Scripts can capture images that can be appended with the medical notes.
    • Medical data is saved and stored in an editable format to make amendments for follow up prescriptions.
    • Patient history is pulled up and prefilled from the EMR plugin
    • Prescriptions can be printed on letterhead of choice and be sent via WhatsApp API
    • Prescription fields are connected to Snomed libraries, are dictaphone enabled and support multilingual translations.
    • Prescriptions can add a patient and complete their appointment for walk-in patients

Problem We Solve:

  • No additional downloads of apps or logins required as the system can be accessed by WhatsApp Business API. The familiarity of users with WhatsApp makes the learning time very less.
  • Visual dashboards keep a track of patient records for posterity that can be shared with providers giving them the full medical history of the patient as well saving the admins time in collecting data.
  • Our plugins can work with any existing practise management system such that we can give users the benefit of features like WhatsApp, Dashboards and Transcription.

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