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Patient Services

We stand by you in person through your difficult times and counsel you towards the best medical practice. Offload all your medical logistics to us and spend quality time with your loved ones.

It is our endeavor to make remote consultations, virtual case management and medical data accessibility a global phenomenon. We understand the importance of interaction and communication at the time of distress, thus we are creating a community where you can get personalized solutions for all your health needs.

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Health IT Solutions

Healync is focussed in the health care industry by providing tech solutions to make systems and communication between healthcare providers and consumers efficient and accessible.

Our solutions are modular in nature and can be plugged into existing EMR/HIMS systems of healthcare providers. Healync believes in integrating, complementing and strengthening the IT systems of healthcare.

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Few Words About Healync


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Healync is here to establish a seamless communication channel between patients and doctors and we are doing this by creating softwares and partnering with technology powerhouses of the world to develop solutions for both patients and the healthcare providers to manage cases intelligently and efficiently.

We are a team of medical experts, data scientists, data entry specialists and administrative staff to provide the full spectrum of solutions and services to the users of the health ecosystem.

Fundamentals & Policies of Healync

Patient Services:

  1. Healync does not engage in any form of financial contract or commission from any physician, diagnostics or healthcare provider for patient referrals or treatments.
  2. Healync does not share patient data with any third party.
IT Solutions:
  1. Privacy and Confidentiality of patients is sacrosanct to us and therefore all patient data and accounts are owned by the patients. They can deactivate or delete at their discretion.
  2. IT products are architected such that they can integrate with existing systems to enhance the experience of patients and administration using any software systems. Systems can subscribe to our solutions in a modular format.


Global Networks


Over 5+

We believe in building relationships with doctors and providers worldwide, hence we are committed to growing this community to make medicine and specialists globally accessible. Click Know more to see lists of some of the institutions & specialists we have worked with. We are continuosly growing our network and we welcome all suggestions to expend our reach.

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Technology Infrastructure

Our systems are built on HIPAA compliant, secure and robust infrastructure of AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure and MySqL for database structure.

Cloud Partners
Database Partners
Payment And Accounting

Accreditation & Compliances

  • National Health Authority of India approved
  • WhatsApp for Business Solutions ISV
  • Microsoft Partner Solutions

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